Zahidul Islam (RJTRICKSHOT), the youngest trickshot artist, in an interview

Zahidul Islam (RJTRICKSHOT), the youngest trickshot artist, in an interview

May 26: When human beings consider trick-shot artists, there are some names that without delay to thoughts. Mike Massey and Florian Kohler come to thoughts proper away. Zahidul Islam aka RJ TRICKSHOT can now be introduced to the listing of trick shot artists who come to thoughts while game enthusiasts consider them.

  1. When did you begin doing trick pictures?
    I commenced gambling pool after I turned into 13 years antique. I commenced training trick pictures after I turned into 17 years antique and feature in no way regarded back.
  2. How many hours an afternoon do you exercise on average?
    In a unmarried day, you could play pool, billiards, artistic, or trick pictures for five hours.
  3. Who has been the maximum influential artist on your life?
    Mike Massey and, especially, Florian Kohler.
  4. One issue Ive usually cherished approximately your motion pictures is how exclusive they are. How do you continuously provide you with new trick shot ideas? It runs via my head each time I exercise. I periodically watch trickshot motion pictures through legend players, substantially Florians. I maintain a watch on him and attempt to imitate a number of his tough pictures. I additionally write down and shop new trick pictures on my telecellsmartphone as I consider them. Many of my creations are not published on line due to the fact many others might also additionally declare them as their own. I’m now taping the whole lot I’m doing, and it ought to be on hand soon. I’m usually considering how well-evolved my idol is and what kind of endurance a trick shot requires. On an excellent day, it is clean to make trick pictures, however now no longer each day is the same, so artists sometimes deliver up. five. So some distance on your pool career, what do you don’t forget your proudest achievement?
    Florian Kohler’s go to to my residence turned into the maximum effective second or success, in my perspective. For days, he coached and taught me a lot of trick pictures even as sharing all of his secrets. Being part of the subsequent pool legend is likewise pretty exciting.
  5. You commenced off doing trick pictures evolved through Mike Massey, Florian, and others on YouTube. How do you sense now that your pics are being copied?
    This is usually charming and surprising. Being part of the pool’s records is a dream come proper for me. Any of the trick pictures which are to be had on line may be copied through anyone. On social media, I acquired loads of encouragement, and one fan instructed me that witnessing my trick pictures had especially stimulated him. After that, he even delivered a pool table, so I determined to provide him a unfastened trick shot lesson. He turned into overjoyed, which turned into the best praise I may want to have acquired.
  6. You masse loads and shoot the maximum of your films at home. How frequently do you update your table’s felt?
    It varies totally on how a whole lot I play on any given day. But it is much more likely that my emotions shift each 3 to 4 months. Predator Cues, fortunately, sponsors all of my pool products,

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