“Make it or Break it”. Al Qusais’s biggest fitness centre “Retrofit Gym” is open to all members 24*7.

Najm Retro

Retrofit GYM is the perfect place to make it or break it when it comes to achieving
fitness goals. With its top-line equipment and modern facility design, it is the ideal
environment for any fitness enthusiast to take their training to the next level. It
has everything from personal training and nutrition coaching to group classes and
meal plans, allowing members to tailor their workouts to achieve the best results.
Retrofit GYM is the perfect place to stay motivated and inspired. With its friendly
and knowledgeable staff, members will never feel alone while they reach their
fitness goals. Whether it’s for a personal challenge or a group fitness class, Retrofit
GYM can help anyone reach anyone’s goals.
Not to mention, Retrofit GYM Founder Najm Retro has an incredible team of
knowledgeable and experienced instructors and coaches who are all dedicated to
providing a safe and effective training environment. Najm Retro started his career
as a young 18-year-old boy and now is encouraging people to achieve their fitness
goals. He has an overall 12 years of experience in the fitness industry. With his
help and guidance, From day one to the finish line, his personal trainers strive to
support members in their journey towards better physical and mental health.
Whether it’s providing advice on proper form, offering nutrition tips, or
motivating members to stay on track, the knowledgeable staff at Retrofit GYM is
always willing to help. It’s no wonder why Najm Retro and his gym continue to be
a favourite among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

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