Richa Archana

Richa Archana

Recently, the song “Rahnumaa” by Richa archana got released worldwide and started trending. The Singer, Richa archana is very touched and excited about the song and said that this is not only a song but her innermost feeling, which she has presented to the world through the music. 

The Music for this beautiful number has been produced by Mr. Amritanshu Dutta and this is indeed suited to the song’s lyrics. Ms. Richa Archana confirmed that she has been working on this song for a long time and wanted the number to come in front of the World in its perfect version, and to her utmost happiness it exactly got presented in the same manner that she thought of. The lyrics of the number have been written by Mr. Prince Sunny Rajput and he made sure that the lyrics should be as beautiful as Richa archana herself so that they would compliment her completely. So she was super excited about the lyrics and music of the song, finally, it got loved by the listeners. 

This is trending on YouTube and other audio strings sites and getting liked and appraised by everyone. These days, the Singer, Ms. Richa Archana is quite busy doing live shows, but although she shared her feelings that whenever she sings the song on stage, she gets into a different level, a different world. She also confirmed that her ongoing wonderful shows are going on with Industry’s reputed and renowned singers like Mr. Madhur Sharma, Mr. Swaroop Khan, and others, and very soon she will come up with her next upcoming Music Videos, bunched with much better entertainment to serve to her listeners.

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