The new age of digital marketer Mr. Binod Behera

Binod Behera

As early as 17 years, Binod Behera walked into the path of marketing. He made noteworthy contributions to the industry.Some people are born with out-of-the-box thinking, and Binod is a perfect example of that.His life-changing ideas for brands like Metro Groups , Herbal India , Focus Plus Odisha , and many more helped them flourish.He is a google certified digital marketer. Binod Behera is one of the topmost and influential Digital Marketers in odisha.

He is the founder and CEO of in that buisness they provide social media management service to other buisness.Binod aimed to be an entrepreneur, and he went miles to achieve that. No wonder he is a successful businessman touching and transforming the lives of many budding individuals.His company is giving hands-on learning to make people ready to face the digital world. He believes “Digital Marketing is all about practice.”

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