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Trekup India

Figuring out the needs of the adventure seekers / explorers and offering acceptable vacation suggestions. Arranging all aspects of a trip, including All adventure activities, lodging, transportation, and tickets. Providing relevant information and practical travel/vacation resources to travelers. This is what Trekup India does, arising from a beautiful village lying in the lap of the Himalayas ‘Sankari’ – Uttarakhand. It is mystical and magical in its own way, even in the 21st century it has maintained its rich culture, custom, and architecture. A route to some of the unique and enthralling Himalayan treks.

One of India’s top trekking organizers Trekup India. In the Himalayas and other mountain regions, they plan treks, excursions, and other adventurous activities. It is an unconventional trekking passion that prioritizes sustainability, alpine exploration, and nature preservation. One of India’s most promising trekking firms. Today Trekup India’s entire family members stand proud to be in its 28 Years of hard work and dedication. Trekup India was first registered in 1993 as Himalaya Trekker Association Trekkers Samiti Sankari and in 2016 was registered as ‘Trekup India’. We are one of the oldest, safest, and leading trekking organizations in India.

Trekup India bears a huge influence on the younger generation in the tourism industry, they have well-trained professionals in the mountains, practicing saving the trail by contributing towards cleaning drive in the mountains, empowering the locals, and influencing the younger generation to come explore and learn adventure. They also provide training along with doing adventurous trekking.

Trekup India is a mountain professionals since 1993 highly focused on offering excellent client care. They have worked with clients from all around the world since they are renowned for their flawless delivery standards. Their only motive is to provide a real rich adventure experience in an ethical way and in a professional manner.

When we talked about how did they come up with the idea to have a trekking organization. They said ‘It basically started from researching and introducing the Himalayan routes by ourselves and then we started loving the adventure and mesmerizing view we had. After that, we thought of providing the same Adventure experience to the adventure seekers and empowering the locals for self-sustain.’

There are many different trekking choices available on Trekup India, offering to all levels of trekkers, including novices, intermediates, and specialists. The organization also provides specially designed treks for parties of all sizes, including families, couples, and people looking to hike over lesser-traveled paths in an alpine fashion. One of the greatest trekking businesses to get in touch with is Trekup India if you’re searching for a quick day hike or a longer mountain trip. While talking about the experience with new people, they expressed Trekup India has always adored new passions, new minds, and new pearls of wisdom and has executed them into a new reality.

Trekup India shares that definitely family and team spirit has a big hand in the success of their work. They have always provided high enthusiasm and support. They are also continuously working on expanding their sheer and the year 2023 is going to be different and big in their workspace with high and greater choice for the travelers.

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