Dr. Pratik V. Pawar: Inspiring Social Worker, Businessman, and Global Leader.

Dr. Pratik V. Pawar, Social Worker, Businessman,

Pune, Maharashtra – Dr. Pratik V. Pawar, a name synonymous with social work, entrepreneurship, and human rights activism, has been making waves with his remarkable achievements. Born on August 17, 1998, in Pune, Maharashtra, Dr. Pawar’s journey is an inspiring one, characterized by passion, dedication, and a drive to create positive change. As a descendant of Shrimant Raje Dhar Pawar Gharane, he also founded the Shrimant Raje Dhar Pawar Gharane Trust, solidifying his commitment to preserving his rich heritage.

From an early age, Dr. Pawar exhibited a fascination for venturing into uncharted territories. While pursuing his studies, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by establishing his first business, Royal Events. Simultaneously, he delved into social work, collaborating with various NGOs, which eventually led him to catch the attention of the Human Rights Foundation. Recognizing his dedication and hard work, the foundation offered him a position, propelling his career to new heights.
Currently serving as the national working president of the Human Rights Foundation in India, Dr. Pawar’s exceptional contributions have garnered widespread recognition. His work has been acknowledged and approved by esteemed organizations such as NITI Aayog, which granted him a unique identification number – DL/2018/0187414 – under NHRC/Central State Act & Rules. He also works closely with the MSME, further cementing his commitment to his field.

In addition to his role in human rights foundation, Dr. Pawar founded Ek Maratha Lakh Maratha in 2016, a foundation advocating for the reservation of Marathas in Maharashtra. The foundation obtained legal registration in Delhi in 2018, and the Maratha Reservation case is currently awaiting a verdict from the Supreme Court. Future work is under the observation of Chatrapti Shambaji Raje Bhosale and Dr. Pawar’ team. With Ek Maratha Lakh, Dr. Pratik V. Pawar, in addition to his existing achievements, holds the esteemed position of being the Managing Director of World Peace University. He is actively involved in overseeing the university’s operations and is working in collaboration with multiple countries. The World Peace University is on the brink of commencing its operations, and it aims to provide a comprehensive platform that encompasses international facilities and courses all in one place. Upon completing their education at the university, students will have the opportunity to secure placements worldwide based on their qualifications.

In addition to his role at the university, Dr. Pawar also serves as the Director of Police Dakshata Samiti. This organization operates at a national level and focuses on providing assistance to police departments wherever and whenever the need arises. The primary objective of the Police Dakshata Samiti is to support and empower law enforcement agencies across the country.

Dr. Pawar’s contributions have earned him numerous awards and recognition, including the Largest Pledge to Fight COVID-19 Post Lockdown award, record of achievement from WHO World Health Organization, an AIIPPHS certificate, an honorary doctorate certificate, and appreciation from the WAC Global Human Rights Foundation. He has even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Mahatma Gandi Global Peace Award, World Record Of Earth 2022 by Golden Book Of Earth, The Most Inspiring Man Of Earth 2022 solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the field.

Looking ahead, Dr. Pratik V. Pawar has ambitious plans to establish a children’s and old age home, providing support to individuals without family assistance. He also envisions the creation of a CBSE school, a college offering programs in arts, commerce, and science, and an affordable healthcare facility. Furthermore, he is actively working towards the establishment of an international university within India, enabling students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad while staying in the country.

Dr. Pawar’s relentless efforts, unwavering dedication, and numerous achievements serve as an inspiration to others. His commitment to social work, entrepreneurship, and human rights activism continue to make a positive impact on society, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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