Dr. Kadavendi Venu Gopal’s Key Message – Stop Plastic Waste Pollution

Dr. Kadavendi Venu Gopal, Plastic Waste Pollution,

Anti-Plastic Warrior Dr. Kadavendi Venu Gopal is a visionary and an eminent social activist who with his dynamic motivation has brought about much desired reforms through various captivating anti-plastic campaigns to inspire and empower individuals to become aware of social responsibility towards nature and society. He, who is known as the Anti-Plastic man of Khammam for taking the anti-plastic movement to next level through awareness programs, has been working hard to put an end to single-use plastics in coming years.  He, being a most well-known environmental activist, chose to enhance his knowledge in the social, cultural and spiritual arena, shaping his outlook – a rare blend of being a man of nature and a social activist. He has the distinction of being awarded the Paryavarana Mithra Jathiya Award by AP State Biodiversity Board.  A born social activist, his skills were honed in the early days of childhood by parents and family. As a social activist, he has represented the social issues on various platforms, and travelled extensively across the nation, interacted with top leaders – Prime Ministers Shri Narendhra Modi, Vice President Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Ministers, CEO’s and other Social Workers. He was born and brought up from an agricultural family in Patha Lingala village, Kamepally Mandal, Khamamm Dist, Telangana State. He made whole-hearted contribution to many other social causes like Pollution Free India Campaigns Green India, Swacch Bharath, etc. Apart from Social Service activities with Dr. Annam Foundation, he had been rendering his services in the fields of Devotional and Cultural activities by pairing up with eminent organizations. His relentless service in the realm of anti-plastic, green cover promotion and social empowerment saw fruition when he was awarded honorary doctorate and Man of Charity Award by Royal Academy of Global Peace.

Awards Received by Dr. Kadavendi Venu Gopal:

  • Jathiya Keerthi Puraskar by Ex CM of AP Shri Konijeti Roshaiah
  • Paryavarana Mithra Award by AP State Biodiversity Board
  • Vishista Seva Puraskar by Universal Socio Cultural Association (from Hon’ble K.Swamy Goud, Chairman TS Legislative Council.)
  • Man of Charity Award by Good Help Foundation.
  • Vishista Seva Ratna Award by Telangana Kala Parishath
  • Vasavi Clubs International Awards
  • Save A Life Foundation Award
  • Rashtraprerana Award
  • Dr. Abdul Kalam Excellency Award
  • Dr.B.R.Ambedkar National Fellowship Award 2019, New Delhi.
  • Eminent Person of 2018 Award by Shri Vivek, then Advisor to Telangana Govt in Hyderabad.
  • United Nations Model Children & Youth Parliament of India – Appreciation.
  • AP State Janmabhoomi “Ideal Couple” Appreciation Certificate by Khammam Dist. Collector Shri Nirab Prasad in 1997.

Remarkable Services & Career Milestones:

  • Met Prime Minister Shri Narendhra Modi on 26th January, 2018 at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi “At Home” Program and shared his views on Swacch Bharat successful implementation.
  • Met Vice-President of India Shri Venkayya Naidu at Vice-President’s Secretariat, New Delhi (2018) and gave a representation on “Plastic Free Nation” and emphasized the importance of the ban on singleuse plastic items.
  • Promotes Eco-friendly Clay Ganesh Idols every year and distributes free of cost to public in a bid to create awareness among people about the importance of environment protection.
  • Plants seeds and saplings along with Padmashri Vanajeevi Ramaiah to promote Green Cover with novel and unique ways.  And continues to plant seeds of various tree species to ensure that they survive and make waste and barren areas greener.
  • Participates in Service oriented activities with Dist. Collector and other Government Officials to bring awareness on social issues.
  • His Family donated Rs.30 Lakhs worth 2 Acres Land  to Government to build Kasthurba School in their native village Patha Lingala in Khammam Dist.
  • Holds celebrations like birthdays / weddings with an objective to promote Anti-Plastic or Go Green Campaign. Examples like: Vanajeevi Padmashri Birthday was celebrated by planting trees and saplings his native village and promoted “plastic-free-society” in his daughter’s wedding.
  • Regularly reminds and gives representations to Ministers and Govt Officials to curb plastic pollution.
  • He fiercely campaigns to raise awareness about the hazards of plastic pollution to eliminate the impacts of plastics in the environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and by advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics and the recycling of all plastics. He spent almost 4 lakhs rupees for campaigns successful implementation.
  • He organizes plastic clean-up missions and swacch bharat in public places to solve the problems of sanitation and waste management by ensuring hygiene in and around Khammam
  • He meets regularly city municipal commissioner as he wants government to take stringent measures to tackle plastic and single use disposal items as he was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Sanitation is more important than independence”.
  • He has been cautioning his native villagers and Khammam people about the dangers of high air pollution levels for years through Pollution free India Campaign.
  • Captivated the attention of Khammam Authority with his sharp observations and district administration has embarked on an ambitious campaign on a mission-mode to end the menace of plastic in towns and villages with a motto “mission plastic free Khammam.

  • He is one of the most reputed voices for anti-plastic, go green and climate justice in and around Khammam as every year, natural resources are depleting and people are struggling.
  • He has been successful in asking the National leaders to District Authority to enforce environmental policies like the ban on plastic bags and Green Cover Promotion.
  • He escorted Padmasri Vanajeevi Ramaiah to Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi to attend At Home Program in 2018.

Dr Kadavendi Venugopal’s immaculate ability to tour far-flung rural areas and inspire villagers and NEVER-SAY-DIE attitude reaped fruits in favour of galaxy of awards, rewards and felicitations.

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