Abdoul Kader Hassane young Nigerien entrepreneur in India owner of Kasuwa Niger Pvt Ltd and NigerZik

Abdoul Kader Hassane, Abdoul Kader Hassane Nigerien Entrepreneur, Kasuwa Niger Pvt Ltd, NigerZik,

Abdoul Kader is a young entrepreneur from Niger and a third-year marketing and international relations student in India. Born on December 1, 1998, it is true that Abdoul Kader continued his studies in India, in the state of Gujarat, which is known for its business-friendly environment. He attends Pandit Deendayal Energy University, which is headed by Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest men in India. During his holidays, he took training in marketing and digital marketing, as well as computer graphics.

It is also important to note that Abdoul Kader has obtained several important certifications. He is certified by Google in digital marketing, certified by LinkedIn in marketing development and graphic design. He has also obtained certification from UNICEF in Digital Brand Protection and Workplace Conflict Management.

These certifications show that Abdoul Kader is a competent and qualified professional in the field of marketing and digital marketing, and that he is capable of providing superior services to his clients. Using the knowledge and skills acquired during his studies and training, he was able to found Kasuwa Niger Pvt Ltd in 2021, a company specialized in digital marketing.

Besides, Abdoul Kader also created three e-commerce applications, which were his first entrepreneurial project. The three apps are Kasuwa Niger app for customer purchases, Kasuwa Seller app for sellers to sell their products on Kasuwa Niger, and Kasuwa Deliverer app for delivery people working within the company.

Kasuwa Niger app for customer shopping is designed to provide an easy and enjoyable online shopping experience for users. Customers can easily browse the app, search for products using search filters, add items to their cart, and place orders. Customers can also track their orders and be notified of their delivery.

Kasuwa Seller app for sellers is an online platform that allows sellers to offer their products for sale. Sellers can upload photos and descriptions of their products, set prices, manage inventory and receive payments online.

Kasuwa Deliverer app is designed for delivery people working for the company. Drivers can easily access orders for delivery, track their route, and provide real-time delivery updates.

These e-commerce applications reflect Abdoul Kader’s expertise in digital marketing and his ability to innovate in the field of e-commerce. The apps have the potential to facilitate e-commerce in Niger and boost the local economy by providing efficient e-commerce solutions for buyers and sellers.

All of these apps are available for download from Google Play and Play Store, and can also be accessed through Kasuwa Niger’s website to provide more functionality to customers. These applications have been hailed for their innovation and their contribution to the development of e-commerce in Niger.

However, he started his career as a rap artist in 2016 and continued until 2020 when he had to end his musical career due to his studies. Thanks to his knowledge of the world of music and his network of contacts, he also decided to create the first music distribution and marketing house for his country, Niger, in addition to founding Kasuwa Niger Pvt Ltd and offering quality to Nigerian artists. He named his company “NigerZik”.

With NigerZik, Abdoul Kader has created a platform to help Nigerien artists promote their music locally and internationally. He has worked hard to develop partnerships with record companies and artists around the world, which has allowed Nigerian artists to gain recognition abroad.

Under the leadership of Abdoul Kader, NigerZik has become a reference in the Nigerien music industry and has enabled many local artists to succeed in the field of music. His company has also helped promote the musical culture of Niger around the world.

Indeed, through his NigerZik platform, Abdoul Kader has helped several Nigerien artists to distribute their music and promote their work through various communication channels, including social networks. It has also offered monetization services to help artists generate revenue from their music.

His efforts have enabled several Nigerian artists, such as Barakina, MDM Crew, Akeem, Force Morale, El damsero, Mr Kal and others, to become known nationally and internationally. These collaborations have also helped to promote Nigerien musical culture around the world.

Through his achievements, Abdoul Kader has become a respected figure in the Nigerian music industry and has inspired many young entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps. His determination and his vision allowed NigerZik to become a reference in the world of music in Niger.

It is therefore clear that Abdoul Kader and his NigerZik platform have played an important role in the promotion of Nigerien music by helping several artists to distribute their albums, including the latest album by artist Akeem entitled “Nouveau Départ”, the one from MDM Crew titled “Ying Yang” as well as the latest releases from artist Barakina.

This shows that NigerZik is an effective music distribution platform that helps Nigerien artists reach their target audience. By offering distribution, marketing, monetization and social media management services, NigerZik allows artists to focus on their music while leaving the promotion of their work to industry professionals.

It is clear that Abdoul Kader’s contribution to the Nigerian music industry is significant and has enabled several artists to become known nationally and internationally.

Abdoul Kader is an example of success for young entrepreneurs in Niger. Through hard work and perseverance, he created a successful business that had a positive impact on the Nigerian music industry.

Website: https://digital.kasuwaniger.com/

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